Free Range Snail Farming

Helix Lebanon - free range snail farming © 2016

Although we are currently only marketing live snails, Helix Lebanon is expanding its operation to include other snail products, such a pre-cooked and processed snails.  We will be updating our website and our Facebook page with any news on our product offering.

Our Farm

The Helix Lebanon farm is located in the beautiful Aamiq wetland reserve, West Beqaa, Lebanon.

The farm is situated on 24,000 of land, which can accommodate 15 reproduction pens and 52 fattening pens.

Reproduction pens will produce a little over 100,000 snails for fattening.

Fattening pens can hold up to 36,000 snails for their final growing phase.

Once removed from the fattening pens, adult snails are purged onsite, before they are prepared for sale to the local market, or stored for shipping to our international customers.