The free range method of rearing snails, was developed by Mr. Giovanni Avagnina in Cherasco (Cuneo), Italy, during the early 1970s. In 1974, he founded the Istituto Internazionale di Elicicoltura (The International Institute of​ Heliciculture) to study and promote the industry of snail farming in Italy.​

We created an environment for the snails, that resembles as much as possible their natural and wild breeding grounds.

Snails are considered pests throughout the world, due to their feeding habits, which generally means they chew on anything that is green.  This obviously makes them among the least favorite animals with farmers, flower growers and home gardeners.

We create breeding parks of 4 meters by 45 meters, and we plant them with greens that are preferred by the snails.  As long as there is food in the parks for the snails to chew on, they will be satisfied.  The parks are also where they mate and lay their eggs.  We do not interfere with this natural process.  It is very healthy for the snails to breed in the same soil in which they were born.

The plants we grow in the parks, and the other varieties we add from an outside source, include:

Our Farming Method

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Free Range Snail Farming